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Green reps
Why do we need green reps?

Over half of carbon emissions are work-related so organisations have a vitally important role to play in tackling climate change.

Collective action in the workplace can lead to changes in policy and structures as well as individual behaviour and so is more effective in cutting carbon than actions taken by individual consumers.

Staff at all levels need to be engaged in the task of helping to reduce emissions. Union environmental  or green reps play a key role in raising awareness and ensuring that environmental issues are included in the bargaining agenda with employers. 
PCS has a growing number of environment/green reps.

Role of the environmental or green rep

A paper outlining the role of workplace environmental reps was discussed at a PCS national green forum in December 2007. This was later included in the 2008 conference document 'Becoming a Greener Union' and defines the role as follows:
1) Raising awareness and promoting green workplace practices with members - such as reducing waste, recycling, energy saving, green purchasing.
2) Liaising with the branch on green/sustainability issues that need to be raised with management.
3) Taking forward and promoting PCS policy and campaigns on green/ sustainability issues in the branch – eg on energy/climate change, fairtrade.
4) Carrying out workplace environmental audits.
5) Monitoring employers’ activity on/progress towards green/ sustainability policies/targets
6) Involvement in developing best environmental practice in the workplace – eg through committees/working parties, developing environmental policies/ management systems, drawing up workplace agreements etc.
7) Networking with other PCS green reps to share information and good practice.

How do I become a PCS green rep?

A motion was carried at annual delegate conference in 2007 calling for all branches to appoint an environmental or green rep. If you are interested in taking on the role, speak to your branch secretary.

If you would like to sign up to receive PCS green e-news bulletins email


PCS runs a one day training course for green reps. Check the PCS events pages for courses in your area.

The Greener Jobs Alliance have also produced an online Climate change Awareness training course you can access here.

Futurelearn also offer a good range of free courses across a range of environmental issues.  Operated as part of the Open University courses are run in conjunction with leading universities. For more information and to see upcoming courses you can access there website here.


Dear Member 
Please keep checking this page for the latest Green News from our Branch Green Officer.
DWP Bolton and Bury BranchGreen Report  August to October 2016

Branch Workplace  Green Update
I received a reply from Annthony Benford from the DWP People and Locations Change Programme, on behalf of Karen Gosden. The e-mail reply was in response to my request for environmental improvements to DWP buildings, when the estate is up for renewal in 2018 The answer I received was perhaps not a surprise. Put simply, the estate will be looking at saving money rather than expenditure. I will forward the e-mail reply to our DWP Regional Green Officer.

Anti Fracking Campaign Updates
During the same week that over 60 countries signed the Climate Change agreement in Paris,, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid over ruled the decision by Lancashire County Council to ban hydraulic fracturing  at the little Little Plumpton site on Preston New Road  in Lancashire. This was despite overwhelming opposition and objective evidence, .The decision opens up some very serious issues about local democracy and human rights.

On Facebook, local campaigner from Lytham Geza Tarjanyi (‘Geza Frackman’), has raised awareness of a new roundabout on the M55 motorway near Blackpoool and another proposed fracking site at Roseacre, following a route between Carnforth and a local road near Roseacre. There appears to be no known reason for this route, which has been planned by the Highways Agency before objections were being heard over proposed drilling sites in the Fylde area. The planning reference is MCC/2016/0046. Construction along the route to the M55 includes two bridges,two viaducts,two by passes and a cattle creep. The route to the roundabout also passes the railway station at Selwick.

A Shale Gas summit took place at the Radisson Blu hote at  Manchester Airport on 11October 2016.This was a European Shale and Oil summit for the Companies involved in fracking. Reports in local media suggest there was were as many police present outside as the 30 or so peaceful protestors.

Bolton West MP Chris Green has stated he will oppose fracking in his constituency, which is part of or near Rivington and Belmont. He blamed local councillors on Lancashire County Council for the Government's decision to over rule local democracy because they did not prepare their case well, in his opinion. .Green's attitude to fracking in his constituency is a contrast to my observation at loca  anti fracking campaign meeting I attended last year at Horwich RMI, where the word ‘equivocation’ came to mind.

To date, the Energy company Osprey have been granted a test licence only for the Rivington, Belmont and Anglezarke areas, which are local tourist spots and contain reservoirs owned by United Utilities supplying water to Greater Manchester and South Liverpool. Bolton Council have stated that they will object to all applications for drilling licences.

"Frack Free Lancashire" are raising funds to mount a legal challenge to Sajid Javid's decision to allow a drilling  licence for Little Plumpton. There are strong grounds to launch a legal challenge, as no significant argument or evidence was offeredf by the Secretary of State to refute the expert evidence and reports considered by Lancashire County Council. Donations can be made

Donations can be made via pay pal or bank transfer:
Frack Free Lancashire (Legal Fund) - BACS sort code 01-04-84 // Account number: 35138998

Cheques can be made payable to Frack Free Lancashie
C/o Mrs M Mills, Ollery Hall Barn, Plumpton Lane, Halsall L39 8SL

Lancashire could become one of Europe's biggest gas fields. The protest campaigns have been inspired by the Lancashire 'Nanas’, offering tea and cake in the face of threats of court hearings and arrest for trespass and public order offences.

A sign of what will happen if the public in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Merseyside and elsewhere are not made more aware, can be found in the film on You Tube ' Voices from the Gas Fields, it started with just one well', documenting the devastating effect on the environment and communities  in Australia. Shale Gas drilling licences in England are right next door to a large urban population. There will be a national anti fracking campaign march and rally on Saturday 12 November 2016, meeting at Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester city centre at 11.00 am.   

Daniel Colleran DWP PCS Branch Green Rep, Bolton and Bury Branch

Articles below posted by Mike Hepworth:
Hello everyone
As your Local Green Rep I’m  supporting Cycle to Work Day on Thursday 3rd September management also agree that this is beneficial and worth supporting. So dust off your bike, don your helmet and schedule some ride-time in your diary!

If you want to contribute your miles to the national campaign and be in with a chance of winning 1 of 3 brand new Claud Butler bikes, pledge your miles here 

If your bike is in reasonable nick but needs some a little love, book it in for a Free Bike Health Check here (
If you need a bike before you'll be ready to roll, check out Cyclescheme. You'll be able to save at least 25% on a bike and any gear you need by clicking here (; The department has not adopted this scheme, however, you can apply for an advance of salary for buying a bicycle AN INTEREST FREE LOAN; WELL WORTH IT SPREAD THE COST PAINLESSLY.

Whatever you do, have a think about riding in on September 3rd as it’s a great way of keeping fit and saving money!

Use this link for full access. There is much useful information on this website. There is a link to local cycling websites, including Greater Manchester’s. They give information on cycling events and schemes and bike maintenance and local contacts. It’s well worth a look.

Cycling to work day is the 3rd September. Log onto the website and if you pledge to do a certain number of miles you are entered into a free prize draw.

Happy cycling,
Michael Hepworth

From: Lloyd Susan DWP CREWE
01 August 2014
Subject: Green Report for AGM 17th July 2014 

Hi all,

I have attached a copy of the report I did for the DWP Regional AGM.  I was re-elected as Green Officer for the North West. 

Hopefully this year we will be able to arrange a Green Reps meeting. I will ask if we can do this.  If you will need an allocation of facility time to be able to attend let me know.  I was able to meet a few of you at the Green Reps Conference in Leeds last November, and at Conference in May. Please let me know if you have been able to do any activities as Green Reps or if you need any information or support in the role.

There is a lot going on in the Region at the moment.  If you can, please support any campaigns to stop extreme energy extraction and support renewable energy projects. The Reclaim the Power Event is taking place in Blackpool this year 14th to 20th August.The Wigan Digger’s Festival and Ecosocialism Conference take place on September 13th & 14th. If you can get to any of these events let me know. I am hoping to get to Reclaim the Power for the weekend and to the Ecosocialism on September 14th.

Sue Lloyd

Green report from Lyndsey Mouland, PCS Legal, Equality, Education & Policy Support (6.5.2014)

Good morning all, The latest IPCC report has coincided with a raft of other reports focusing on energy and climate change, links attached. 

Not just another climate report: main messages from the UN report on tackling emissions

The team at Carbon Brief have very helpfully pulled out the main messages from the latest IPCC report and summarised in their blog.

COIN shapes Climate Coalition national campaign

Reps from the PCS Revenue & Customs Group Environmental Advisory Committee took part in a workshop which fed into a report.

Zero carbon Britain report

This sets out how the UK's energy supply, buildings, transport and agriculture could be regulated, to enable net zero carbon by 2030. 

WWF decarbonising the future report

WWF is running a global energy campaign called “Seize Your Power”, calling on financial institutions and governments to make a significant shift in funding from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Cutting fossil fuel investments is crucial but this decision, which has been embraced by some multilateral institutions and governments, needs to be accompanied by significant investment in renewable energy as well.

To share WWF’s global experience in the journey of scaling up renewable energy
solutions, they are publishing this report presenting a collection of essays highlighting the work that has been done to make sustainable, renewable energy a fundamental solution to tackle climate change.

The end of China’s coal boom – 6 things you should know

Greenpeace Asia has put together a briefing identifying the essentials of China’s changing energy trends and what they mean for global efforts to fight climate change.

Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

This is currently being negotiated and could have a big influence on how Europe meets its energy needs as it could facilitate imports of shale gas from the US and Tar Sands from Canada. It could also have far reaching impacts on Europe's environmental regulations, effectively harmonising them with the US.

Greenpeace have produced a useful Q&A on the deal and what it means for energy in Europe.

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

This partnership will massively boost corporate power at the expense of our climate and environment, human and workers’ rights, sovereignty and democracy.

Legislation designed to address climate change, curb fossil fuel expansion and reduce air pollution could all be subject to attack by corporations as a result of TPP.

For more information and to sign a petition visit the website

Stop Fracking petition

38 degrees is calling for support for a petition which asks David Cameron to reconsider his position on fracking, and instead champion clean energy sources which do not risk our global climate, the natural environment and our health.

Meat and dairy production is responsible for 14.5% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and overfishing is damaging our marine ecosystems. It would be better for ourselves and the planet if we ate less meat and fish, and a more plant based diet. To show you that it is more than possible to reduce your consumption, Young Friends of the Earth is challenging you to cut out meat and fish from your diet for an entire month. 

And finally a reminder about TUC green reps conference taking place on 11 May.